It’s almost training camp and Brett Favre is thinking comeback

By Tim Kelly-Host, Owner and Founder for The Real Sports Talk Network

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Don’t call it a comeback, but we are around the time that Brett Favre gets the itch to be involved with football again. Guess what? He’s following that itch yet again. You can relax though Sportscenter won’t be blowing up for the next three months over Favre’s comeback, because he isn’t following his football itch back to the Nation Football League.

Instead according to Bus Cook, who serves as Brett Favre’s agent, number four will join the Oak Grove High School coaching staff. This is the same school that Favre would throw at every summer, or at least it seemed, when he decided that he was going to come out of retirement. So Favre really isn’t all that new too working with the athletes at Oak Grove. While Cook could confirm that Favre would be joining the coaching staff, he told the Associated Press that Favre’s role on the coaching staff was yet to be defined. And while numerous media outlets in the Hattiesburg area reported that Favre was going to be taking over as the Warriors new offensive coordinator, Head Nevil Barr dispelled those mimicking Bus Cook’s statement that Favre hadn’t been given a title on the coaching staff just yet.

While Brett Favre has held some workouts at Oak Grove High School before it will be interesting to see how Favre transitions as a full-time coach, if he is in a role that makes him a full-time coach.

Regardless of what his role is, it is great to see Brett Favre has finally found an outlet for his NFL cravings. And Favre really should do a fine job working at Oak Grove considering that this isn’t the first time that he has worked with the personnel there. The most interesting thing to watch is going to be the quarterback play. We all know that Brett brought a unique “gun-slinging” style to the quarterback position, which made him one of the most exciting and at times unwatchable quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. In the end for Favre his style worked out though as  he won a superbowl, and  as his former teammate in Minnesota Bryant McKinnie told me when Favre retired for good ” Brett can just sit back and wait to go to the hall of fame now.” But as an offensive coordinator if that is the role that Favre ends up in, it is tough to imagine him being able to mold a quarterback to play a similar style as he does, so the most interesting part will be to see if he can work with a quarterback who plays a more conventional style than he did. I guess we will see if the old dog, can learn a new trick.

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