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Vote: 2012 TRST Athlete of The Year

In 2011, Aaron Rodgers won his first Superbowl, and had lead the Packers to a  regular 15-1 season behind an MVP performance. This led the viewers of The Real Sports Talk, or as it was called back then The Ka$h Kelly and AC Sports Report, to vote Rodgers as 2011 athlete of the year. Fast forward 12 months, and Rodgers has stayed hot but not hot enough to defend his title as Athlete of the Year. Here are the four candidates. Vote at the poll on the bottom of the article. Votes will be counted until December 22.

Eli Manning Quarterback New York Giants-In 2012 Eli Manning truly did reach his goal of being elite. After by far his best regular season of his career, Manning once again upset Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Superbowl 46, winning his second Superbowl MVP.  At the end of 2012, Manning has the Giants sitting on top of the NFC East at 7-5, having tossed 16 TDs and 3,170 yards.

Eli Manning

LeBron James Small Forward Miami Heat and Team USA- In 2011 LeBron James was viewed by many as the most unsuccessful athlete of the year. In 2012 “King James” won his third league MVP, and finally got his first NBA Title and Finals MVP. After that LeBron was just adding on by leading the USA Men’s team to Gold in the London Olympics. As 2012 winds down, LeBron is averaging 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists.

LeBron with trophies

Usain Bolt Sprinter Jamaica- Coming into the 2012 London Olympics, many wondered if 2008 Olympic hero Usain Bolt would be out-shined by his countryman, Yohan Blake. Coming out of the 2012 London games, those same critics wondered if Bolt was the greatest sprinter of all-time. Bolt cruised to a 100 meter dash record 9.63 seconds. Bolt also edged out teammate Yohan Blake, to win his second straight 200 meter title, with a time of  19.32 seconds. Bolt became the first sprinter to ever win the 100 and 200 meter races at back to back Olympics. As we ponder if Bolt is the 2012 Athlete of the Year, he is likely training for  the 2016 games, which he has committed to running in.

London Olympics Athletics Men

Miguel Cabrera Third-Baseman Detroit Tigers- After the Tigers signed Prince Fielder, forcing Miguel Cabrera to move to third base, numerous experts thought Cabrera may have a down season. Instead Cabrera won his first MVP, after becoming the first player to hit for the triple crown since Carl Yastrzemski. He did so hitting .330 with 44 homeruns and 139 RBI’s. Cabrera also lead the Tigers to their first World Series appearance since 2006, before the Tigers were swept by the Giants.  Regardless of the loss in the World Series, Cabrera had a truly historic year in 2012.


Players who just missed: Johnny Manziel, Manti T’eo, Michael Phelps, Mike Trout, Buster Posey, Kevin Durant, & Anthony Davis.

Ricky Nolasco not avaliable according to Marlins

By Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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Despite rumors that Ricky Nolasco wanted out of Miami, the Marlins do not seem likely to move the veteran right-hander. This is according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.

Nolasco, due nearly 11 million in 2013, seemed like a piece the Marlins would be chomping at the bit to trade.  First off, he is coming off of a year in which he posted a 4.48 ERA. He hasn’t exactly earned 11 million. Secondly, the Marlins tend to move on from players who make that type of money, even if they do earn it.

That being said the Marlins still do have to try to sell tickets, and keep other players such as Giancarlo Stanton relatively content, although it may be too late at this point. Keeping Nolasco is likely a move to try too accomplish both of the goals above.

Nolasco, 29, joined Ginacarlo Stanton in voicing his frustrations after the Marlins dealt Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle, Josh Johnson, and a few others, to the Toronto Blue Jays last month. Nolasco likely wants to join a contender as he enters the prime of his career, but it appears he will have to wait until the trade deadline at the earliest to be moved.

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Yankees Re-Sign Hiroki Kuroda

By Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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Many baseball critics, myself included, questioned if Hiroki Kuroda would be able to pitch at a high level, in the pitching death trap known as the AL East. Those many, again myself included, ended up looking foolish as Kuroda posted career highs in wins, innings pitched, complete games and WAR, in his first season with the Bronx Bombers.

Today the Yanks rewarded the free agent, who had been courted by both the Angels and Dodgers, by giving him a one-year extension worth between 15 and 16 million. The deal will guarantee Kuroda 15 million, and based off of his performance Kuroda can earn an extra million.

While many believed Kuroda was interested in a return to the west coast or even to the Japanese league, Kuroda made is clear he is excited to be returning to the defending AL East Champions.

“I am very happy and excited to re-sign with the Yankees,” Kuroda said, shortly after word of his new deal broke.

Kuroda likely could have gotten two years, maybe for less money annually, on the open market. The fact that he accepted a one-year deal shows that Kuroda is pondering a return to the Japanese league after his 2013 campaign with the Yankees.

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Blue Jays sign Melky Cabrera! Are they World Series contenders?

Hosted by Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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Detroit Tigers sign Torii Hunter

By Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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As if Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera was not enough, the Tigers where set to get back DH/C Victor Martinez for the 2013 season. And now there is this.

Sources say the defending American League Champions, added veteran outfielder Torii Hunter to their already scary lineup Wednesday. The deal is expected to be worth 26 million dollars, over a two year period.

Hunter is coming off a strong 2012 campaign with the Los Angeles Angels in which the 37 year-old hit a career high .316, with 16 home-runs and 92 RBI’s.

Hunter returns to the AL Central after spending five seasons in the AL West with the Los Angeles Angels. Prior to that he had spent nine seasons with the Minnesota Twins, making his name as a five-tool outfielder.

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LA Had McCourt; South Florida Has Loria

By Akiem Bailum–Twitter: @Li495Akiem

Most people would call them charlatans. Bud Selig calls them “owners”.

Three things are certain in life—death, taxes, and the Miami (or Florida) Marlins selling off their entire team every few years. We’ve seen it in the past even when they won their two World Series rings in 1997 and 2003. For some reason, Miami always seems to be a seller’s market.

Then came this year—2012. The Fish drastically increased their payroll and signed some big time players. These included Heath Bell and Jose Reyes. They even locked up a major name to become their manager—Ozzie Guillen.

And, of course, there’s that whole thing about the Marlins having a brand-spankin’-new taxpayer-funded stadium in a part of town called “Little Havana”. Of course, Miami would have a neighborhood called this since the area is virtually half Latina/Latino. This was also part of the Marlins broader strategy to blend in more with the South Florida lifestyle, hence the new logo as well.

But, as we’ve seen with Jeffrey Loria and the Fish, some things change yet others continue to remain the same.

Tonight, huge news broke that the Miami Marlins had announced a new deal to send Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck to the Toronto Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar and a few prospects.

Firstly, trading for Yunel Escobar when it’s the worst-kept secret in baseball that he’s not exactly the best hustler on the base pads? In baseball circles, Escobar’s name is practically mud.

“Alright, I’m pissed off!!! Plain and simple,” tweeted Giancarlo Stanton.

Ricky Nolasco also let loose on his Twitter account with a 1-word response.


It’s interesting that Nolasco gets mentioned here, because, according to reports, the Marlins are not done. It looks like Nolasco could be next to hit the trading block this year. And if Stanton is this ticked off, he may want a trade since he seems to be reading Loria’s tea leaves for what they’re worth.

Current Blue Jay Jose Bautista also chimed in. Of course, we got a more positive response from Joey Bats.

“It’s a good day to be a bluejay!”

A wonderful day, Joey Bats. The Blue Jays just stocked up big time in a hot stove session that has seen their division rival Yankees and Red Sox do a grand total of nothing so far. In the eyes of many, the Jays just became the favorites to win the AL East in 2013. In the province of Ontario, a rarity is happening—no Jays fans are saying bad words about their owner, Rogers Communications.

But back to Loria.

It turns out everything that happened prior to the 2012 season was nothing more than a smokescreen for what would be yet another Marlins fire sale. The rebranding, the new stadium, the signing of players, the increase in payroll, the new manager, etc. would all lead to another one of these.

There’s something different about this one though. In the past, the Marlins have executed fire sales with the idea of loading, dumping off, and then loading up again slowly but surely. There’s something different about this one. What makes this thing so different?

Marlins Park.

One thing, though, that has not changed about the Miami Marlins is the attendance they are drawing to their new palace in Little Havana. They drew a huge crowd for their nationally televised season opener at the place vs. the St. Louis Cardinals only to see the Marlins not do much of anything vs. the Cards. The pregame ceremonies for the opening of Marlins Park resembled less like MLB Opening Day and more like the Opening Ceremonies of the World Cup.

It’s practically clear that Miami simply isn’t a baseball town. I would love nothing more than for baseball to succeed in South Beach since they’ve won two championships. But, there just doesn’t seem to be the passion for the Pastime in South Florida like there is in St. Louis, New York, Boston, Chicago, or in other cities.

With the climate not conducive to NHL and both the Dolphins and The U struggling at football, Miami’s sporting interests are basically limited to futbol and basketball.

This deal also takes me back to when MLB was intervening in the controversial Frank McCourt proceedings last year that involved him, his wife, and the LA Dodgers. Before McCourt ultimately gave in and Los Doyers were bought out by an investment group that included Magic Johnson, McCourt once made an interesting case.

He said that Selig’s hardline stance that McCourt should exit from the game was a double standard because other owners, like Loria, were doing the exact same thing—using their teams as virtual ATM machines for their other business interests. Let’s also remember that Loria is still in baseball because of a shady deal that involved him selling the Montreal Expos so he could buy the Fish.

There’s clearly no honor among thieves in Major League Baseball, and it turns out, McCourt was correct with this one.

Cheap owners are abound throughout Major League Baseball. It’s not just Loria. David Glass is the one that stands out to me as the head man in charge of the Kansas City Royals. He also happens to run a little small business in America’s Heartland known as Wal-Mart.

I think he’s got money, yet the Royals continue to stink every year.

Honestly, it is true that spending a bunch of money will not guarantee you a championship or the Yankees would’ve won 15 of the last 15 World Series. But spending smart money, as we know, can contribute to a championship. The Yankees use the money from their TV deal with the YES Network to invest back in the team.

The Marlins aren’t spending smart money. Heck, they’re not even spending at all. McCourt, Loria, and others like them are clear cut cases as to why baseball could use a salary cap in addition to a salary floor. This way, one New York Yankee won’t have a payroll as high as the entire Florida Marlins starting lineup.

Some baseball fans love this deal because the possibility of the Yankees and Red Sox heading back to the playoffs decreased a little bit tonight. But if there are still any South Floridian baseball fans left after tonight, they’ll be looking at this deal and think, “Loria fleeced us into paying for his new stadium just so he could sell off all of our good players?”

Oh yes, he did. And he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The 2013 Miami Marlins—see you in last place somewhere.

The (20–) Marlins—see you in Las Vegas (or Portland, Charlotte, New Orleans) somewhere?

Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, & others traded to the Blue Jays! Marlins relocation next?

Hosted by Tim Kelly and Justin Godsey
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Reaction from Marlins Star Left-fielder Giancarlo Stanton almost immediately after the news of the trade broke. 

Reaction from Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco 

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Marlins Make Former Catcher Next Manager

By Tim Kelly-Founder of The Real Sports Talk
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The last time the Marlins won a World Series was in 2003. The Fish hope bringing back a member from that team, will lead them to their next World Title.

That member is former Marlins catcher Mike Redmond, who sources say has been named the next Miami Marlins manager. Redmond beat out other candidates such as MLB Network Analyst, and former MLB manager Larry Bowa.

Redmond has some managerial experience, as he coached teams in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system in 2011 and 2012.

Redmond was Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez’s backup in 2003 when the Marlins last won a World Series, and spent seven seasons with the Marlins.

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The San Francisco Giants are 2012 World Champions!

Hosted by Tim Kelly and Justin Godsey owners and creators of The Real Sports Talk
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Video: Radio Host Mike Francesa falls asleep during interview

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