After all the debate, the Joe Paterno Statue has been taken down.

By Tim Kelly-Host, Owner and Founder for The Real Sports Talk Network

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Words can’t describe, how big Joe Paterno truly was at Penn State. You have to live in or have visited Happy Valley to truly get it. For so many years Joe Paterno was the prominent football coach who actually made his players get good grades. Joe Paterno was the prominent football coach who would donate pretty much all of his salary to the University and numerous other charities. And to top it all off  Joe Paterno was arguably the greatest college football coach to ever live. He was such a legend he had a statue outside of Beaver Stadium, that was built in 2001.  You don’t get a statue when you are alive just for greatness, you get a statue when you are alive because you are so well respected that people want to pay homage to you while you are still alive.

The now infamous Joe Paterno, was taken down this morning, as pictured below.

Flash foward a few months and boy, how things have changed. I don’t need to tell you about the Sandusky scandal  because if you don’t at least have a general understanding about the scandal, well chances are you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I don’t need to tell you about how the entire Penn State Football program has been turned over and the school now features a Joe-Paternoless coaching staff.  And I don’t need to tell you how damning the Freeh report was to the legacy of Joe Pa. Really it just makes you stop and shake your head, especially if you are a Penn State fan. After the Freeh report there are no excuses left for Joe Pa. He had a huge role in covering up the Sandusky scandal, and allowing a pedophile to continue to, well be a pedophile and torture innocent children.

All of the great things that Joe Pa did for the university, really take a backseat, because regardless of how good of a man he truly was, this overshadows things.  Penn State  had to take down the statue, because of public pressure. And the public was right. Joe Paterno was a great man yes, but he was a great man who made a great mistake, that will likely define his time in Happy Valley, fair or unfair.

The Joe Paterno statue outside Beaver stadium being taken down early Sunday morning.

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