Matt Cain and Cole Hamels both hit homeruns-In the Same Inning!

By Tim Kelly-Host, Owner and Founder for The Real Sports Talk Network

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I have watched baseball as long I can remember and have seen some interesting things. What happened in the third inning of the Phillies-Giants game Saturday on Fox, may have been one of the most bizzare and honestly funny things that I have seen in my time of watching Major League Baseball. If you don’t know, I am a diehard Phillies fan. Needless to say this has been a long year. In the top of the third, it looked like that long year took another turn. Right as color analyst Mitch Williams was stating, or repeating for the fifth time, how Matt Cain vs. Cole Hamels was shaping up to be a pitchers duel, Matt Cain got ahold of a lazy fastball and hit it just out of the park to left. The other strange part of this was that the Cliff Lee was being interviewed as  Cain hit the homerun. This is strange becuase last year on Saturday baseball on Fox, while Jair Jurgens of the Braves was being interviewed, Cliff went deep.

As a Phillies fan it just seemed like it was another moment that would no-doubt be a defining moment of a miserable 2012 season.  Later that inning Buster Posey added on with a two-run homerun to give the Giants a 3-1 lead. At least he isn’t the pitcher.

Just as I was posting my fifth tweet about how I couldn’t believe a pitcher as good as Cole Hamels gave up a homerun to Matt Cain,play-by-play man  Tom McCarthy was yelling gone, as Cole Hamels got around on one, and absolutely tattooed one into the right-field stands. All you could really do as a fan of either team there was just laugh.

While some fans are crediting the Illuminati with what was one of the strangest innings in the history of baseball, I’ll just stick to the fact that by both, Hamels especially, it was just lazy pitching. Either way, it was fun to watch.

Watch the video at the link below, sorry for no embedded player, but WordPress is having problems.

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