Mullins: A Clown Who’s Desperate For A Crown

Written by Tom Mullins. NBA Columnist for TRST and Founder/Editor of @HoopHuddle

Everyone expected the Dwight Howard circus to roll into Los Angeles when he was traded, though most didn’t predict the infamous Dwightmare to also hitch a ride.

As we all know the Lakers have been struggling for wins in the early part of the season, and of course someone has to be blamed. Mike Brown has come and gone, with the scrutiny now directed at their players such as Dwight and Pau. Not only is his free throw percentage poor, but it’s obvious that he hasn’t completely recovered from the back injury which saw the three-time Defensive Player of the Year miss the end of last season and the London Olympics.

The absurd comparisons to Jordan’s Bulls once the new LA team was formed this past offseason aren’t even being mentioned now. Howard thought teaming up with a pair of MVPs would finally get him the ring he desperately wants, at this point that championship looks like a distant dream. Sure Nash still has to return, though the defense is the real problem. Things aren’t going to drastically improve once their 38-year old point guard returns, who’s only played a handful of games.

With Dwight Howard becoming a free agent this offseason, it’s quite possible that Superman could be flying out of Hollywood. There’s a slim chance that he’ll stay a Laker if success doesn’t come in his first season in the purple and gold.  He recently said the following in relation to a championship, “So if I have to play on another team or do whatever I have to do to get one, that’s my goal. This is my passion, so I’ll continue to fight.”

His selfish behavior in past months is still present, with Howard not willing to take responsibility for the team’s problems on the court. Dwight needs to grow up before it impacts his legacy even more, as he’s possibly become the most hated player in the league.

Loyalty doesn’t exist anymore in sport. If Howard wants to leave, he’ll leave. If he wants to be the number one guy like he was in Orlando, LA isn’t where he’ll stay. Kobe Bryant being the competitor he is, will probably play for several more seasons with the way his body’s holding up. We might see LeBron in a Lakers jersey longer than Dwight, scary I know.

Teams will be lining up to sign him to huge contracts come next year and don’t be shocked if he decides to leave. Imagine a Dwight Howard-James Harden duo. Wherever he ends up, I just can’t see him being a long-term Laker. It might be a replica of Shaq’s career, where he moves from the Magic to LA and bounces around numerous teams to end his career.

Tonight the Kobe and company travel to Oklahoma City to square off with Durant’s Thunder, in what could be a season defining game for Dwight Howard. The national media’s waiting for more problems to arise in Lakerland and changes could be imminent. If the Lakers fail to come together and win consistent games going into the New Year, not only will it impact this season’s outcome, but also the future of the Lakers as Howard could be on his way out the door.

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