Mullins: LeBron’s Dominance, In A League Of His Own

Written by Tom Mullins, TRST NBA Columnist @TMSports

Over the past few seasons LeBron James has been not only the best player in the NBA, but the best player in the world. If you can’t see this you’re either an excessive Kobe fan, a bitter Cavs supporter (yes they still exist) or Skip Bayless himself.

In the opening month of the season, James has continued his dominance, playing at an extremely high level and putting up incredible numbers, which are better in most categories than last season’s when he won his third MVP award. Averaging 25.2 points, 8.8 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game through the first thirteen games. Also shooting 53% from the field and down on turnovers from last season, leading the Heat to a 10-3 record.

Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and the rest of the “elite group” are obviously outstanding players in their own right, each with unique and effective skills, mentioning them with LeBron James though?

That’s a mistake.

Of course the media’s going to do it, you can’t blame them for doing their job. Sure these guys are comparable with statistics and possess similar qualities, but the pure dominance and control LeBron can have on a game, that’s second to none. No player in the NBA today will ever be as good as LeBron James is right now, not even the highly rated Kevin Durant, who could quite possibly go down as one of the best scorers in NBA history. Statistics are definitely a key part of comparing players and determining who’s the “best”, as seen with LeBron’s incredible numbers, although the average person won’t use anything besides stats and achievements, which is a flaw in today’s sports fans.

To form an accurate viewpoint when analyzing a player or team is as simple as watching their games and having a non-bias attitude towards them. On most occasions statistics only show one side of the story. Sitting down and witnessing what LeBron James can do in the space of 48 minutes, proves that he’s superior to every other basketball player on Earth.

After winning his first championship last season, the recognition and respect that LeBron deserves, began to head his way. The media’s excessive coverage and scrutiny of the Heat’s superstar has started to die down, though it’s still seen frequently today. Unfortunately to be become one of the greatest in the eyes of most hoops fans, LeBron James will need to live up to the hype when he arrived in South Beach, and win multiple titles. Even if LeBron and the Heat are unsuccessful in doing so, there’s no doubt that he’s already a legend and deserves to be mentioned amongst the all-time greats.

Just not quite MJ yet.

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