Why Andy Reid will be fired next Tuesday

By Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t won a game since September. Monday night against the 2-8 Panthers looked like the Eagles best chance to end that abysmal streak. Then the 2012 Eagles luck happened.

Quarterback Michael Vick missed last weeks embarrassing 31-6  loss to the Washington Redskins with a concussion he sustained in a Week 10 loss to the Cowboys. Word as of last Sunday was the Vick, could not drive because of balance issues, or sit in a team meeting because he could not concentrate. Many fans had been calling for Nick Foles to start even prior to Vick’s injury, but Foles struggled last week going 21/46, throwing two picks and zero touchdowns. This proved to many that while Foles may be the long-term solution, Vick gave the Eagles a better shot to win at the present time.

So many believed that Andy Reid would name Vick the starter for Monday night’s showdown, but as it turns out Andy Reid won’t even have that option. Vick has been ruled out for the second straight game, and Nick Foles will get his second straight start, and Trent Edwards will back him up.

That was just the Eagles first victim of a concussion this week.

Running-back LeSean McCoy will also miss Monday night’s game against the Panthers. But “Shady” shouldn’t even be in this situation.

Michael Vick sustained his concussion after landing in an awkward position on his head. That was unavoidable, and is just part of the game.

LeSean McCoy on the other hand, ended up getting his concussion after running the ball, inside the last two minutes of the game, when the Eagles were down by 24. Down by 24 and the Eagles were still running the ball. Andy Reid said that the Eagles were “trying to get back into the game”.

Down by 24 and running the ball will get you back into the game? Andy Reid thinks running will get him back into a game? The same Andy Reid who threw the ball nearly 50 times with a rookie quarterback making his first start? The same Andy Reid who rarely ever uses his star running back for more than 20 carries? The one time Reid finally want to use his star running back to win a game, they are down by 24, and McCoy gets taken off the field with a concussion. And people wonder why fans in Philadelphia have “Reid fatigue” and are ready to go in a different direction at the coaching position?

So the Eagles will head into a prime-time game Monday night with Rookie quarterback Nick Foles, and rookie running back Bryce Brown.

Monday night I get the sense that Cam Newton will have a huge game against an Eagles defense that has simply been unwatchable this season. I get the sense that Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will come back with a plan that has Nick Foles throwing the ball nearly 50 times, behind an offensive line, that might as well turn and watch the defensive line go after that quarterback or running back. It is a plan that leads me to believe the Panthers will win by 10+ on Monday Night Football.

And that will be all she wrote for Andy Reid. Not because that is what I want to happen. Not because the city of Philadelphia is rooting for that to happen. But because this will be the second time in five weeks that owner Jeffery Lurie will be embarrassed on National television. And this time it will be against a 2-8 team. It will also be the Eagles seventh straight loss. Lurie has a strong relationship with Reid, but after seven straight losses, and all that has transpired within the last two seasons, it just is time.

Tuesday, after a loss to the Panthers, the Andy Reid era will end in Philadelphia after 13 and a half seasons. Lurie will melt in public pressure, much like Jerry Jones did when he fired Wade Phillips after a week seven beat down on Sunday Night Football at the hand of the Green Bay Packers. Prior to the firing, Jones had backed Phillips and said as recently as the night before, saying that he would not fire Phillips in season.  But being embarrassed repeatedly, especially on the national spotlight, can change your mind quickly.

Lurie has said that he doesn’t believe that it his job to speak during the season, but in this case he will have choice. It will be seven straight losses for the Eagles, and this will be to a team that is one of the worst in the NFL. Many national pundits have said that Reid deserves to finish the season, and I believe that Lurie would love for that to happen. But when it comes down to it, why does he deserve that? What has Andy Reid done this year for the Eagles, that makes it beneficial to the teams future to keep Reid for the rest of the year? And honestly why would Andy even want to finish the year? There is a zero percent chance that he returns next season, so all of that the rest of the season would be doing is embarrassing Andy? National pundits like to make statements to contradict and slight Philly, but in this case their statement that he deserves to finish the year, doesn’t even make sense.

The Andy Reid era is over. It should and I believe will end Tuesday. What does anyone gain in extending the pain? Andy Reid has had enough on his plate over the past few months, and ending the Eagles part of the pain on Tuesday, is what is best. And after being embarrassed on Monday Night Football, and having potential replacement Jon Gruden pick apart the Eagles, will be enough for Jeffery Lurie to make this change on Tuesday. Mark it down, Tim Kelly of The Real Sports Talk told you first.

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