Ed Reed suspended for hit; negative reaction pouring in

By Tim Kelly-Host,Owner, and Founder of The Real Sports Talk

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The Ravens defense is used to giving out the big hits, but this year things have been a bit different. Reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Terrell Suggs missed the first half of the season as he returned from an off-season Achilles injury. Then right as Suggs was ready to come back, the team lost veteran linebacker and vocal leader Ray Lewis to a torn triceps for the season. The Ravens lost Corner Laderius Webb for the season, as well, after a week six ACL tear.

The latest defensive loss may not prove to be as substantial in terms of time, but it certainly has been controversial. Ravens safety, and future hall of famer, Ed Reed has been suspended for the Ravens week 12 showdown with the San Diego Chargers. The one-game suspension was announced by the NFL today, and the suspension actually claims Reed is not only being suspended for an illegal hit in Steelers wide-out Emmanuel Sanders. The league says that Reed has shown a history of dangerous/illegal hits, dating back to 2010, when the league wide concussion crackdown began.

While Reed has no been quoted on his suspension, the speaking has been done for him. ESPN NFL Analyst Timm Hasselback called the suspension “a joke.”

Ravens head coach John Harbuagh was caught off guard with news of the suspension saying,”I was very surprised, I didn’t see that one coming.”

Perhaps the most telling response to Reed’s suspension is what Steelers safety Ryan Clark tweeted below.

Remember Clark not only plays for the Steelers, who have a sometimes nasty rivalry with the Ravens, but the hit that will cost Reed a game, was landed on Clark’s teammate Emmanuel Sanders.

When a Steeler is stepping up in defense for a Raven, who by the way plays the same position as him, you know the NFL has screwed up. As Clark said it was a penalty, but their was no intent to physically hurt Emmanuel Sanders.

The NFL certainly will not overturn Reed’s suspension, but expect after  the PR hit they are taking across the board, that they won’t be as quick to pull the trigger on suspensions in the future.

Update 8:00 EST -The NFL has removed the highlight of Reed making the helmet-to-helmet hit on Sanders from the highlights section of NFL.com.

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