Urlacher ready to go for Week 1

By Tim Kelly-Editor, Host, and Founder of TRST

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Despite reoccurring issues with his left knee, when the Bears host Andrew Luck and Colts Sunday, Brian Urlacher will be starting at the middle linebacker spot.

Urlacher said Sunday that despite the fact “that his left knee will likely never be the same, it is a done deal that he will be out on the field week one.”

Despite the fact that injuries have set Urlacher back over the past few seasons, when he has been out on the field Brian has been one of the best inside Linebackers in the game, as show by his 103 tackles and three picks last season.

While rumors have surfaced of Urlacher having secret knee procedures, it appears he currently is as healthy as can get as the Bears head into a season with high expectations. The Bears will have to be careful with how they push Urlacher this year so that he is available late in the season, and hopefully in the playoffs.

Maybe taking a break from his unwatchable/unlistenable XFinity commercials will help to preserve his knee…

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