Thunder Sign Serge Ibaka to 4-year extension

By Tim Kelly -Host, Owner, and Founder of the Real Sports Talk 

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The defending Western Conference Champion, Oklahoma City Thunder, locked up one of their key players late last night. Serge Ibaka who became known by some as “Serge Iblocka”, because of his defensive prescience inside the paint.  Ibaka finished second in Defensive Player of the Year Voting last year averaging nearly four blocks per game.

The deal for Ibaka is reportedly worth 48 million dollars, over the next four seasons.

With Ibaka now locked up, the Thunder have three of their four key players locked up, (Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka). The perspective of many NBA Insiders was that long-term the Thunder, who still are a smaller market team, would have to choose between Ibaka and Harden. So now with Ibaka locked up, don’t be surprised if the Thunder have to make the  tough choice to trade James Harden after the upcoming 2012-13 season.

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