Penn State Uniform Changes:Small But Loud.

By Nate Sarmir-TRST College Football Analyst

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Penn State’s newest head man Bill O’Brien said he was going to change the way Penn State football players looked when they enter the stadium. It didn’t take long for O’Brien to make true on his promise.

The changes at first do not catch the eye of your normal average everyday football fan, but for PSU fans one change is rewriting football history. The two changes made to the uniform so far are the addition of the blue ribbon (Child Abuse Support) and now the football player’s names will be featured  on the back. For PSU the latter change is very unheard of, but O’Brien and theteam have agreed it was necessary. O’Brien made this statement about the ‘names on the back’ change, “We want our fans to know and recognize these young men. They have stuck together during tough times, and I commend them for the leadership they have shown. Moving forward, I’m deeply committed to honoring Penn State’s traditions, while building a bright future for our football program.”

Here is what the Penn State jerseys reportedly will look like beginning next season.

Past this year, there reportedly has “been no commitment” that the last names will remain on the jerseys. O’Brien may just leave the names on the back this year to pay homage to the players that stayed. That being said, for the next few years, there will still be players who chose to stay with Penn State. There will even be recruits who choose to stay with Penn State. So the names could stay on the jerseys for the next three to five seasons, and at that point it would be hard to see Penn State making the decision to take the names off of the back.

My thoughts regarding the changes are very minimal. I believe both changes are necessary and a step forward in the right direction. The blue ribbon was almost certainly going to be a part of the uniform and everything else PSU does this year, but the name on the back is quite a shock. PSU has always been known for being plain and simple, and also for being one team, one student-body, and one family. The name change brings out the individuality of the team and shows that all these kids are their own individuals and that they are all unique and make up that one family. With these changes and everything else he has done so far,, Bill O’Brien only continues to impress myself, coaches, players, and fans everywhere. O’Brien appears primed to go down as one of the greatest PSU coaches because of everything he has put up with and how he has handled the PSU way of life.

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