Trade Deadline Winners and Losers – NL West

By Richard Janvrin-TRST Senior MLB Analyst Follow Richard on Twitter: @RJanvrin3_TRST

Here is a complete list of all the teams in the National League West and what they acquired this year before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. The list will also include departures.

Colorado Rockies

Acquisitions: Jonathan Sanchez, Charlie Culberson

Departures: Jeremy Guthrie, Marco Scutaro


San Diego Padres

Acquisitions: None

Departures: None


Arizona Diamondbacks

Acquisitions: Matt Albers, Scott Podsednik, Chris Johnson

Departures: Craig Breslow, Marc Krauss, Bobby Borchering


Los Angeles Dodgers

Acquisitions: Shane Victorino, Hanley Ramirez, Randy Choate, Brandon League

Departures: Nathan Eovaldi, Josh Lindblom, Ethan Martin, Scott McGough, Leon Landy, Logan Bawcom


San Francisco Giants

Acquisitions: Hunter Pence, Marco Scutaro

Departures: Tommy Joseph, Nate Schierholtz, Seth Rosin, Charlie Culberson


After going 73-89 last season,the Colorado Rockies, through 101 games are 37-64. They are on pace for only 59 wins. This could be due to the fact that Cincinnati Reds closer, Aroldis Chapman has more strikeouts than anyone on the Rockies. Yup, even the starters. The Rockies were speculated to maybe trade closer Rafael Betancourt or reliever, Matt Belisle, but they only traded Marco Scutaro who they acquired before the season. This is going to be a tough go for Rockies fans.

Much speculation surrounded Padres third baseman Chase Headley of whether or not he will be traded. He was not. The Padres seemed reluctant all along to trade him. If they weren’t going to get what they were asking for, they weren’t going to budge. Can you blame most teams? This guys production doesn’t warrant a top prospect. The Padres did, however, extend Carlos Quentin and Huston Street.

When a team is so close, yet, so far from a playoff berth, you would think that team would be forced to make a splash. The Diamondbacks, however, did not. They traded away reliever Craig Breslow to the Red Sox and acquired Scott Podsednik and Matt Albers. One thing they did do was acquire a much needed third baseman in Chris Johnson. Since acquiring Johnson, he’s hit a grand slam for the D-Backs and is off to a nice start. On deadline day, the Diamondbacks were pushing to make a splash for an “ace-like pitcher”, but didn’t end up doing so. A head scratcher, in my opinion, was why the team had Justin Upton on the block. Given his potential production, his contract is fairly inexpensive and is only 24 years of age.

The Dodgers were by far the most active team this Trade Deadline. They acquired in who could be a perennial MVP candidate in Hanley Ramirez for next to nothing. Not saying Eovaldi or McGough or bad by any stretch, but definitely not the trade chips you’d expect to see in a Hanley Ramirez deal. They also acquired former and maybe even current rival, Shane Victorino for Josh Lindblom, a young, solid reliever and Ethan Martin who most scouts compare to Tim Lincecum. They also went out and got former Mariner great, Brandon League to help solidify the back-end of an already decent Dodger bullpen headed by Kenley Jansen. Choate will help, too.

The Giants countered the Dodgers splash and acquired Victorino’s former teammate, Hunter Pence for a top catching prospect in Tommy Joseph, Nate Schierholtz and young righty, Seth Rosin. Hunter Pence will definitely help and outfield that was headed by Melky Cabrera. Pence, power-wise, is having one of his better seasons. He has 17 home runs. The team also acquired Marco Scutaro for Charlie Culberson. Scutaro’s best days may be behind him, but there is minimal risk in that they only take on a small portion of his contract and, hey, he was an upgrade after all.

Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers

Loser: Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres


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