Diamondbacks in Search for an Ace

By Richard Janvrin-TRST Senior MLB Analyst Follow Richard on Twitter: @RJanvrin3_TRST

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking to acquire an ace.

One rival executive believes the Phillies are discussing a deal that would bring Justin Upton to Philadelphia in return for Cliff Lee, though unconfirmed. If this deal were to happen, Cliff Lee would have to accept the trade as Arizona is one of the 21 teams he can block a trade to and D-Backs GM Kevin Towers will need help in affording Lee who is owed $95.1MM through 2015.

Rosenthal also reports the Seattle Mariners of all teams inquired about Upton, but talks ended so that should take Felix Hernandez out of the equation.

Another scenario, Josh Johnson. Who Rosenthal, in his piece, did not mention. Though it is pretty much set and stone Johnson is going to stay in Miami due to his enormous asking price.

The D-Backs may not be able to acquire an ace, but probably a nice starter or middle relief.

Upton can block trades to the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, and the Chicago Cubs.

Update at 9:07 AM: Bob Nightengale via twitter saying that Diamondbacks are saying there is absolutely no truth in the Justin Upton rumors surrounding Felix Hernandez or Cliff Lee.


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I'm a single dad who loves Baseball. In particlar, the Tampa Bay Rays, but I'm a baseball fan too. My sons name is Evan, after the great Evan Longoria. I love him to death. My son, not Longoria. Ha! Hope you enjoy my blog(s).

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