Matt Harvey; The Mets Savior?

 By Nate Sarmir
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As a diehard Mets’ fan and as a lover of all sports, I will remember the night of July 26, 2012 because that is the night a rookie of the Mets franchise broke the club’s record the was previously held by a man who is considered one of baseball’s greatest starting pitchers; Tom Seaver . This rookie, if you haven’t heard is 2010 first round pick Matt Harvey. Harvey has been the talk of Mets’ fans since the almost unbearable second-half losing streak began. Now with Santana on the DL and Gee done for the season, Mets’ fans finally got what they have been aching to have: a fresh young arm.  Matt Harvey’s made his MLB debut tonight and man what a debut it was. Harvey went 5 ½ innings throwing 106 pitches; 60 for strikes, and 70 total fastballs. Harvey had 11 strikeouts, 3 walks, allowed 3 hits, and no earned runs.Not to mention he helped himself out at the dish as well, going 2 for 2, with a single and a double.

Matt Harvey’s dominant major league debut was a blessing for the Mets. But with analysts calling him the Mets “Savior,” was his debut a curse, that he won’t be able to live up to this season?

MLB analysts across the country are praising Harvey as the “Mets Savior,” but any true blue-and-orange Mets’ fan knows that Harvey is going to have to earn that title in more than one game. He will have to remain consistent and go deeper in to ballgames, and help propel the Mets back into the playoff race, to really earn that title. And that is not something that will be easy for a rookie. Nor is it fair for fans or so called experts to put Harvey on that pedestal yet.  There is a lot of good to say about Harvey though, as  he pitched consistently, throwing most fastballs all over the strike zone and above 97 mph. He was calm, and has a very smooth and steady pitching motion. Harvey will have the chance to prove he is worthy of being considered the Mets “savior”  as Manager Terry Collins has chosen Harvey to fill Gee’s pitching spot for the foreseeable future . Remember that no matter how Harvry performs the rest of this season, he is a hungry, young, and very talented pitcher, who has a bright future with the Amazins.

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