Barry Bonds in 2012-boy how looks have changed.

Left: Barry Bonds circa 1992 in his last year in Pittsburgh. Right: Barry Bonds circa 2004 after his speculated steroid use.

If you watched Baseball during the 2000’s, and believed like many that Barry Bonds wasn’t clean, you have likely seen this picture somewhere before. But since his retirement, we have seen Bonds, mostly in court appearances, look closer to the slimmer early 90’s Bonds, rather than the blown up mid-2000’s Bonds. But this picture from, makes Bonds look exactly like the skinny and speedy Bonds of the early 90’s. If I just showed you this picture, chances are you would think it was from the early 90’s. It appears safe to say that cycling alone hasn’t caused Barry Bonds arms and head to shrink back to early 90’s size over the past five years, since he has been retired.

Barry Bonds taking time of of his cycling in Colorado to take a picture with a fan, who according to is 6-5, 185. Let that sink in. Bonds looks like he is a similar size to someone who is 185 again, and he is wearing compression clothing.

By Tim Kelly-Host, Owner and Founder for The Real Sports Talk Network

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