Jason Kidd should serve as a lesson-And not to young pointguards.

By Tim Kelly-Site Owner

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Jason Kidd has been a good pointguard for a long time. And when I say good I mean damn good, like top-10 pointguard all-time good. For years now fathers have shown their young kids tape of Jason Kidd, hoping that their son could model their game after the grizzly 19-year NBA veteran. But in this case, parents are teaching their young children not to act like Jason Kidd-And with good reason. Fresh off of agreeing to a three-year deal to take his talents to the Big Apple, Kidd decided to hit the New York scene and celebrate.  Needless to say Kidd got blasted, and would which isn’t the behavior you expect from a 39 year-old, entering his 20th season.

While this is an embarrassing photo of Jason Kidd partying, it got worse.

Not to mention, my sources tell me, that before the Rockets added in the third year at 14.8 million, the Knicks intended that Kidd would be a mentor to Jeremy Lin. But players have every right to go out and drink, and do what they want. I get that. But when you make the salary of a Jason Kidd, how hard is it it to get a designated driver? Or call a taxi? You are playing in New York, not Oklahoma City, it isn’t that hard to get a taxi is it? Well after Jason got blasted, he made the selfish decision to get behind the wheel of his Cadillac, and it resulted in him totaling his Escalade.  But just hearing that, isn’t enough for you to understand how much damage Jason did.

According to the New York Daily News, a New York Police Officer said the following after seeing this picture of Jason Kidd’s totaled SUV. “That’s really his car? Wow. I can’t believe Jason Kidd actually survived that. When I see an accident that bad, I expect at least serious injury, if not death.”

Kidd obviously was arrested and charged with DUI, but somehow walked away from this picture without any major harm. This is a lesson to everyone. Whether you are a first time driver, like I am, or just someone who likes to go out and have a good time, don’t drive after you drink. We don’t need to see someone like Jason Kidd die, to learn a lesson from this. Seeing this alone, as well as reading the quote from the New York City Police Officer teaches the lesson.  Jason Kidd is an NBA champion, and a future Hall of Famer, and a damn good pointguard. But right now Jason Kidd is a damn good pointguard, who is damn lucky to even have walked away from this wreck.

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