Roger Federer wins record-tying 7th Wimbledon Title, after defeating Andy Murray.

By Brian Twitter: @Brian8556utube

This is going to be a special recap, I’m giving a set by set recap!

#3 Roger Federer def. #4 Andy Murray 4-6 7-5 6-3 6-4

Set by Set:

1st Set: Both dominated their serves but Murray’s serve looked unstoppable. Murray won the set 6-4!

2nd Set: Now Murray’s serve wasn’t as impressive as in the 1st set while Federer’s serve was just as good as Murray’s in the 1st set. Another thing that made it clear Roger would win the set is that he broke Murray’s serve in the 12th game of the set to make it 7-5! Federer won the set 7-5!

3rd Set: Federer dominated this set. Quickly, he took a 1-0 lead in the 3rd Set and nearly broke Murray’s serve in the 2nd game to make a 2-0 or what would’ve been a 3-0 lead. Then in the 6th game of the Set, it went around 17-18 minutes long and 10 deuces and finally, Federer broke Murray’s serve then to give Federer a 4-2 lead and eventually a 5-2 lead, Federer won the set 6-3!

4th Set: Murray dominated the beginning of the Set, having a quick 2-1 lead (both games won when serving). Then Murray serves when it was 2-2 and Federer broke Murray’s serve, it becomes clear to me that this match is over. 3-2 Federer plus Federer serving made me know it was all over for Murray and I was right. Federer then won the next 2 games he served and so did Murray. So here it is, Federer serving to win number 7! 1st Point: Federer volley out, Murray 15-0! 2nd Point: Murray backhand out, 15 all! 3rd Point: Federer serve forces Murray to hit shot out, Federer 30-15! 4th Point: Federer ace, Federer 40-15! Championship Point 1: Federer hits it into net, Federer 40-30! Championship Point 2: Murray forehand out, FEDERER WINS!

Roger Federer wins his 7TH WIMBLEDON, making A 3-way tie for 1st all-time , His 17th grand slam title (2nd: Pete Sampras: 14) and now owns the record for most weeks at world’s  #1, Passing Pete Sampris!

Roger Federer’s reaction after winning his record tying 7th Wimbledon.

Updated Rankings:

#1: Roger Federer

#2: Novak Djokovic

#3: Rafael Nadal

#4: Andy Murray

#5: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


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