John Cena will never be a legit heel

By Denton Day/ScrubQuadPro TRST Senior Pro Wrestling Analyst

John Cena is the biggest name in professional wrestling today. He is the biggest star in the biggest Wrestling company to ever exist, WWE.

One of professional wrestling’s biggest questions today is, “When will John Cena turn heel, if ever?”
Unfortunately for all those who want John Cena to turn his back on his “Super Cena” ways is out of luck. According to Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team, the people who book the matches and storylines, John Cena is untouchable.

Cena is untouchable for multiple reasons. He makes the WWE loads of money based on the merchandise he sells, all of WWE’s current target audience, kids, love him, he is the most reliable superstar in the company.

The amount of money the John Cena has made for the WWE since his raise to the top is an absolutely ridiculous amount. His merchandise sells everywhere. Whether it’s whatever current t-shirt is, the “Cena Sucks” t-shirt, the action figures, blankets, backpacks, and whatever else has his face on it. That money is attributed to Cena. That’s a big reason why he himself is worth over $106 million. If people really didn’t like John Cena they wouldn’t buy anything with his face or his name on it.

Most of the John Cena merchandise is bought for kids. Coincidentally that is the current target audience to the WWE. The kids love John Cena because he is someone to look up to. The fact that he is a role model isn’t bad at all. However, because he’s a role model WWE wants him to win for the kids so he ends up beating the odds, which the kids absolutely love.

John Cena also gives back to the community. The man works a full WWE schedule and  yet has granted  300 wishes through the Make A Wish foundation. WWE isn’t going to turn a man who has granted over 300 wishes into a villain.

John Cena grants one of his over 300 wishes in partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

One of the major reasons John Cena hasn’t turned heel is because he doesn’t want too. With the amount of money he has made the company along with working while he’s injured, Cena has some creative control over his character. If John Cena doesn’t want to turn heel he won’t.

John Cena is like the leader of the PG era in WWE and he is someone the men in the WWE Universe love to hate. In reality if people really hated John Cena they wouldn’t watch him and wouldn’t buy his merchandise. People don’t seem to understand that is Cena doesn’t get some sort of reaction, good or bad, than he won’t be featured on WWE programming. Or the WWE would finally give in and change John Cena’s character.

Until that day comes John Cena will continue to be the face of the WWE and will continue to beat the odd whether you like it or not.


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