Cuban Difector Yasiel Puig signs a deal with the Dodgers

By Tim Kelly Onwer of TRST Twitter: @KashKelly_TRST

Led by Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Cespedes, cuban difectors of recent years have drawn fierce bidding wars since being decalred eligible to come to America, over the past few years. Both so far have payed dividends as Chapman has become a very solid closer, with a strange celebration, and Cespedes is a candidate for A.L. Rookie of the Year.

The Dodgers can only hope that trend continues after they smashed both of the deals that brought the other two prominent Cuban defectors to America, by giving the Cuban Outfielder a seven-year deal worth just above 40 million.

A team source today “Puig’s contract with the Dodgers should be completed by Friday. The young man could play in the major leagues this year, maybe in time to help with the race for the playoffs or the World Series,” That quote comes from ESPN LA. Remember as long as Puig is on the 40-man roster before September 1st, he is eligible to play in the playoffs, should the Dodgers make it there.

Puig may not take long to make his major league debut. A team source said Thursday that Puig could be with the team for the stretch run in 2012.

While it is viewed that the Dodgers over-payed for Puig you can’t knock what the new ownership group for what they have done since taking over. Their first move was signing Andre Ethier to a huge extension, and now they have brought in Yasiel Puig. For a proud franchise that was bankrupt a year ago, and now seems to be deep-pocketed, fans in L.A. will be happy for a few years with the team overspending, just because they are happy to see the Dodgers with the ability to spend once again.


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  1. The kid is a very great player I dont expect him to make the Majors until 2014.

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