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By: Akiem Bailum-The Sports Realist, and host of “10 Minutes on the Clock” on the The Real Sports Talk Network Twitter:@Li495Akiem

With the NBA Finals completed & the Miami Heat crowned champions (& the Monday parade in South Florida), it is usually time to start looking forward to the college football & NFL seasons. Well, this year just happens to be a little different.

Euro 2012

We now have our semifinals for the Euro 2012 Tournament in Ukraine & Poland. The semifinals shall consist of Spain (the defending World Cup champions) vs.Portugal & Italy (the 2006 World Cup champs) vs. Germany. The way it looks now, the Finals will probably consist of either Spain vs. Portugal or Spain vs.Italy.


Cristiano Rinaldo looks to lead Portugal to the Euro 2012 Finals. Image via


Also, 2012 is an Olympic year & there is plenty of news related to what will certain United States teams look like for the Games in London. At the track & field Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, Ashton Eaton not only managed to qualify for the Olympics, he also set a new world record in the decathlon. In the 100 meter hurdles, Dawn Harper won the event, but it was Lolo Jones who stole the headlines by finishing 3rd to also qualify for the Olympics.


Ashton Eaton after setting his World Record. Image via Sports Illustrated.

This is big forher since her Beijing 2008 performance was the equivalent of Liu Xiang’s trackmisadventures. The American media was plenty focused on Jones even though Liuwas supposed to be competing in front of his homeland fans. In London, Lololooks to be her own “Redeem Team”.

The mostcontroversial development that occurred in Eugene happened in the women’s 100meters. Carmelita Jeter won that event & Tianna Madison finished 2nd.But, there was a photo finish for 3rd between Jeneba Tarmoh & Allyson Felix. Initially, Tarmoh was given the nod over Felix by aone-one-thousandth of a second margin. Now, the powers that be at USA Track& Field have since admitted to the press that they never had any procedurein place for breaking any ties between racers.

The photo finish between Tarmoh & Felix is proving to be a huge embarrassment for USA Track and Field this close to the London Olympics. There is a reason that final times for runs in track sports are calculated into the thousandths.


This is the finish of Jeneba Tarmoh & Allyson Felix, and a photo that is causing much controversy. Image via

You would think that there is already a set procedure in place that this Track & Field association could use to resolve these issues. The problem is that USA Track & Field operates with almost no pressure from the media except every4 years prior to the Olympics. If this were the NFL, a press conference wouldbe issued on the exact same day of the exposed misadventure.

Now, after a joint press conference by USATF as well as the US Olympic Committee, the process has been announced.

And it’s a doozy.

The tieshall be broken by either runoff or….wait for it…wait for it…coin flip. If bothTarmoh & Felix agree to a runoff, a runoff will take place. If both agreeon a coin flip, it’ll be broken via coin flip. If the runners can’t agree on asolution, the solution will be a runoff. And if there’s no preference by either Tarmoh or Felix on how to settle, the tie will be broken via coin flip.

Now Playing:“We Need a Resolution”—Aaliyah.

The NFL’s procedure for tiebreakers in playoff scenarios called the USOC headquarters inColorado Springs and said: “You just made us easier for most fans to decipher through!”

I personally would like to see both Jeneba Tarmoh & Allyson Felix agree to have a runoff given that there’s so much on the line. Settling this via a coin flip is something that probably happens in the BCS, not women’s track & field. But, some in the Olympic media have suggested that if either can make the Track & Field team in another event, then it may ease pressure on one of the runners to put much into this.

LeBron &Wade’s status for Team USA

Miami’s Big 3 are champions. Normally, attention turns to next season, but since we’re inan Olympic year, it turns to if the stars of the NBA (and in our neck of thewoods, USA Hoops) will be hooping it up for the Stars & Stripes at the Games. The coach of USA Basketball, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski says that he’sexpecting LeBron James to say yes once again to a shot at another gold medal in London.

I agree with Coach K. Let’s not forget the glowing remarks King James, if it is acceptable to call him that now, used to describe his experience at the Beijing Games. Let’s also not forget that LeBron wanted to wear the #6 when he made his Decision to “take his talents to South Beach”. The number 6 also happens to be LBJ’s USA Hoops number.

As for teammate Dwyane Wade, a knee injury that he played through to the championship these past playoffs could sideline him from the Olympic team as well. Coach K. already has a dilemma on his hands on who will be selected with Dwight Howardand Derrick Rose also sustaining injuries that prevented them from hearing London calling.


LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will be key to the United States defending their 2008 Gold Medal. Image via Zimbio.

Sandusky Booked

Stepping away from the Games and onto even heavier issues—former Penn State assistantcoach Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 to 48 counts related to the sexual abuse case involving him & Penn State University. If his appeal isdropped, his official prison sentence will be north of 440 years.

But even without the full sentence, Sandusky is an old man who is nearing 70 YO. It’s a safe bet worth all of Penn State’s money that his last days will be spent behind the bars of a prison cell in Pennsylvania. Unless he commits suicide since it is said that Sandusky was so traumatized by the announcement of thelife sentence that he’s now on suicide watch. Not so bold now that is YOU that feels abused. Huh, Jerry?

Jerry Sandusky’s mugshot Friday night after being convicted on 45 of 48 counts.

As various tweeters have put it: “From Penn State to the State Pen”. Many of those same people are even calling for the NCAA to investigate the program and (ifnecessary) give PSU the “Death Penalty”. That means an outright termination of the program.

That won’thappen, of course, but at least more people have seen Pony Exce$$.

Everyone knows that this man is a Grade A Sicko and doesn’t deserve to freely roam the streets. But, considering the connections to everyone in the program and how no one went over to prevent theheinous acts that were being committed by this man, Penn State as an organization could be just as guilty as Sandusky now is. The whole program didn’t start unraveling until after the initial report came out concerning the actionsof Sandusky.

Everyone rode for the hills.

Even Joe Paterno, who is now dead, was canned from the organization. That alone showed you the magnitude of this case in Pennsylvania.

The Sandusky story is not one to follow on ESPN because they’ll only report on how this affects Penn State’s football program. One could give two you-know-whats about the football program when there are young children involved & they’re having their childhood & pride robbed from them by a monster. Whateverhappens to the football program, happens to them. Those kids that are now teens and adults could very well be traumatized for life after going through what they had to go through at the hands of this man.

And what makes it worse, no one decided to go against their bosses & put a stop right thenand there to the despicable acts that occurred.

There’s an old saying that the cover up is worse than the crime. Just ask Martha Stewart who knows all about that.


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